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February 21, 2024




NEIC reported this earthquake of M 3.5 in Southern Alaska was felt with intensity up to III in the area(s) of  Southern Alaska in Meadow Lakes.

EMSC reported light shaking in Alaska at Wasilla and Eagle River.


NEIC reported this earthquake of M 5.0 in Taiwan was felt with intensity up to III in the area(s) of  Taiwan in Yonakuni, Japan.

CWB reported this and an aftershock at M 5.4-5.5 ws felt with intensity II in Hualien and I in Tainan, Chiayi, Yunlin, Taitung, Changhua, Taichung, Yilan, Nantou, Taichung, Kaohsiung, and Hsinchu Counties, Taiwan.


EMSC reported this earthquake of M 4.2 in Guerrero, Mexico was felt with intensity up to III in the area(s) of  Guerrero, Mexico.





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TC    ELEANOR  2024-02-21  00:00 UT  14.0S   60.0E   55 kts  South Indian Ocean


TC Eleanor (16S) continued today in the area of the south Indian Ocean with winds up to 55 kts.  It may enhance regional seismicity in the South Indian Ridge systems as it tracks through the area. The antipode is at 14N 123W, a non-seismic area in the North Pacific. No seismic enhancement is expected in this area at this time.


A tropical cyclone is forming over Northern Australia. This system is currently located at 16S 124E and moving to the west iwth winds  up to 30 kts. It is unlikely to promoted enhanced regional seismicity but the antipode at 16N 56W will move to an area near the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico in the next several days. Antipodal effects from this storm may help enhance seismicity in this region in the next several days.


GEOMAGNETIC FIELD: quiet February 21-23.  Solar M-flare chance: 30% X-class: 5% proton storm: 5%



AP Indicies (global, high, mid-latitude, time of max AP, Max AP, Sunspot Number, Radio Flux)  6 12  5 14:00 4 050 153


A strong Gamma Ray burst (GRB) was recorded by SWIFT on February 18 at 02:00 UT (#240218A) No initial UVOT was given this GRB, but early flux was strong and it is likely UVOT is >19.